Below is a list of some of the screeding works that we have participated over the years. Photos’ will soon be published on this site.

Granolithic screeds                                        

Meadowhall shopping centre, Sheffield, service corridors approx. 7,000m2.  1990.

Princes quay shopping centre, Hull, service corridors approx. 3,000m2. 1991.

Doncaster prison work areas, approx. 1,000m2. 1992.

Killingholme power station (Nat Power). plant areas approx. 4,000m2. 1993.

Deeside power station (Nat Power). Plant areas approx. 5000m2. 1994.

University of Bath, weight-lifting area in sports facility.  approx. 500m2.  2003.


Sand & cement screeds

Meadowhall shopping centre, Sheffield, shop units. approx. 5,000m2. 1990.

Ponds Forge sports complex, Sheffield, various areas.  approx. 2,000m2.  1990.

Princes quay shopping centre, Hull, shop units.  approx. 4,500m2. 1991.

Alhambra shopping centre, Barnsley, shop units.  approx. 2,000m2.  1991.

Toyota car factory, Derby, offices.  approx. 2,000m2.  1992.

Law courts, Rotherham. approx.  2,500m2.  1993.

Northern General hospital, Sheffield, kitchen. approx. 2000m2.  1994.

Holiday Inn Express, Strathclyde park, bedrooms & corridors. approx. 2,000m2. 1996.

Debenhams, White rose centre, Leeds. 4,500m2. 1996.

Thistle centre, Stirling, shop units.  approx. 3,000m2.  1997.

Holiday Inn Express, Shipley, approx. 2,000m2. 1998.

Holiday Inn Express, Preston, approx. 2,000m2. 1999.

Holiday Inn Express, Bramley, approx. 2,000m2. 1999.

Holiday Inn Express, Barlborough, approx. 2,000m2. 1999.

Holiday Inn Express, Heathrow, approx. 5,000m2. 1999.

Debenhams, Ocean terminal, Leith.  approx. 5,000m2.  2000.

Holiday Inn Express, Hammersmith, approx. 3,000m2. 2000.

Challenge school, Bradford, approx. 2,500m2. 2001.

Lindholme prison, refurb, approx. 1,000m2. 2001.

Jenners, Lomond Shores, approx. 2,000m2. 2002.

East Kilbride shopping centre, Malls, approx. 900m2. 2002.

Bannatynes gymnasium, Dumfries, approx. 1,200m2. 2002.

Dundee hospital, approx. 1,200m2.  2003.

Hellaby hall hotel, Rotherham, approx. 850m2.  2003.

Downend school, Bristol, approx. 700m2.  2004.

Greetham Valley Golf Club hotel, Rutland, approx. 1400m2.  2004

Mayflower Scholl, Bawtry, S Yorks, approx. 230m2.  2005

Grantham College, Grantham, Lincs, approx 1350m2   2005

The Charnwood Hotel, Blyth, Notts, approx 1000m2 2006

Supadance, Sheffield, S Yorks, approx 400m2  2006

The Crossing Chuch & Community Centre, Worksop 950m2   2006

Jaguar Estates Residential, Worksop, 2400m2  2006

New Norbridge Primary School, Worksop, approx 1450m2 2006

New Cricket Pavillion, Warsop, approx. 600m2 2006

Mount St Mary’s College, Spinkhill, Derbys, approx 450m2 2007

ABI unit, Ollerton, Notts, approx. 2700m2 2007

Fernwood Community Centre, Balderton, Newark, approx. 550m2 2008

New Appartments, Pontefract Road, Lundwood, Barnsley, approx. 2200m2 2008

Grenoside Grange Hospital, Sheffield, approx. 330m2 2008

Hilton Scouts & Guides hut / Community Centre, Derbys. approx. 260m2 2008

Pool areas, New leisure complex, Catterick. approx. 300m2 2009

St Johns Church, Chapeltown, Sheffield. 300m2 2009

Harworth Primary School, Harworth, Notts. 195m2 2009

Dukeries Business Centre, Worksop, Notts. approx. 1200m2

Kingspark School, Dundee, approx. 5000m2 2009

Hazlehead School, Aberdeen, approx. 3000m2 2009

These are a few of the jobs we have worked on since 1990.  There are too many jobs to mention all of them. There has been many housing and nursing home projects which are not listed.

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Most of these jobs were done by ADH Flooring on a labour-only basis for other sub-contractors. The area figures supplied are estimated, and apply to the areas that were done by ADH Flooring only.

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